Liverpool Deaf Community

We have been pleased to welcome the LDC (Liverpool Deaf Community) to a long term and fully inclusive relationship at the Bohemians. Two years ago LDC asked our club if we could provide them with a home for their social activities. We were more than happy to oblige and have been really pleased with how well LDC have integrated into our club, they are not separate they are inclusive. Their members participate so far in club social activities, e.g. Poker nights, Bingo, etc.  We have now taken this a step further and offered tennis facilities and participation – the photographs below are from our “LDC families Tennis day” which was enjoyed by all.








Further “taster days” are planned especially for the younger members of our Liverpool Deaf community. There is strong interest from all sides for further integration activities particularly in our coaching program. In discussions with UKDeaf we have registered in the DEAFinitely Inclusive Accreditation process that will enhance our opportunities for deaf/hard of hearing to play tennis. For more information email

NEW to Bohemians for 2016 – Sporting opportunities for LDC

Click the link for more info >> Sporting opportunities at Bohemians for Liverpool Deaf Community






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